Washington D.C, 26 June 2023 (TDI): Kamina Johnson Smith, Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated in the 53rd Organization of American States General Assembly session.

Kamina Johnson, during the participation, said that Jamaica highly values this platform provided by the OAS to talk on issues of mutual importance.

Situation in Haiti

She also expressed her concern about the gang violence, kidnapping, and brutality against women and girls in Haiti.

Jamaica is also ready to be part of the multinational security efforts that aim to restore Haiti’s peace and stability.

She also talked about the Kinston talk, where 50 Haitian stakeholders held talks for three days on core issues of the interim government.

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She said they are focusing on transitioning from a constitutional monarchy to a Republic to provide the citizens freedom and rights.

They are also committed to a public education program on the constitution and laws to improve the knowledge of citizens on the responsibility in a free and democratic society.

The Foreign Minister asked the Organization of American States to play a role to combat illicit weapons in the hemisphere.

She also said that there is a strong need for the proliferation of illegal guns and that it will directly reduce the level of crime and violence.

Jamaica does not manufacture weapons but is still deeply affected by their abundance and use.

To fight this crisis, all members should take part against this curse, and to do this, the relationships between the members need to be strengthened.

Furthermore, she emphasized the need for developed countries to play a role in reducing climate change’s effects.

Developing countries can find it difficult to set money aside for climate, as they are up in debt. This situation makes it impossible for them to work on climate change.