Ottawa, 28 February 2023 (TDI): Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau Spoke with Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness yesterday, ahead of the CARICOM high-level talks with Haitian Stakeholders.

Both Prime Ministers discussed the ongoing crisis in Haiti, including the important role of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and emphasized the need for the continued support of a Haitian-led solution to the crisis it is facing.

Notably, Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness lead the CARICOM leaders to Haiti Mission. Justin Trudeau welcomed CARICOM”s role in helping to facilitate an inclusive political dialogue.

In this vein, he underscored the importance of increasing the capabilities of the Haitian National Police to bring stability to the country.

CARICOM mission to Haiti

The leaders of the Caribbean Community will meet the relevant stakeholders and determining a path toward consensus-building for the restoration of political and security stability in Haiti.

Further, the leaders are also meeting with Haiti’s political parties and civil society groups, which will be followed by the private sector and religious groups.

While in Haiti, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said, “While the meetings are ongoing, a common theme expressed by each group is the urgency of national security and the need to safeguard the Haitian population from gangs.”

Prime Minister Holness also expressed a hope that CARICOM is anxious to play a role in the restoration of stability in Haiti and will be a strong advocate for support to Haiti, as well as a facilitator for the process of consensus building.

Further, he added, “We express solidarity with our Haitian brothers and sisters not only in words but in deeds.”

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The CARICOM leaders are hopeful to see Haiti fulfill its promise as the first free black nation and are committed to working with Haiti to find a path to a resolution.

The Haitian stakeholders have also welcomed this special mission and said, “they are comforted that CARICOM is listening and exploring ways to offer support both for political stability and national security.