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Italian Prime Minister hosts Argentine President in Rome


Rome, 13, February 2024 (TDI):  Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni welcomed newly-elected Argentine President Javier Milei in Rome on Monday for a constructive discussion covering a spectrum of issues, notably energy and agriculture.

During their meeting, the leaders explored avenues for fostering new partnerships in critical economic sectors such as energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and food.

Both officials emphasized the potential for collaboration between the two nations in vital areas of mutual interest.

Furthermore, Meloni expressed satisfaction with the encounter and took to the social media platform X to characterize the discussions as positive.

She underscored the historical and cultural ties between Italy and Argentina. She expressed optimism for their continuation and deepening through enhanced cooperation across various domains.

Italy holds significant importance as a trading partner for Argentina in Europe, with a substantial portion of Argentina’s populace tracing their ancestry back to Italy.

Meeting with Pope Francis

President Milei also met with Pope Francis in Rome on Sunday, amidst the backdrop of challenging economic circumstances in Argentina. Despite differing perspectives on addressing poverty, the meeting marked a significant moment, showcasing a willingness to engage in dialogue even amidst ideological differences.

The meeting between Italian and Argentine officials in Rome occurred during a time of significant political instability in Argentina. Milei, a newcomer to the political scene, is sparking controversy by making extensive changes to Argentina’s economy.

These changes involve reducing regulations on a large scale through direct orders from the president, without going through the usual political channels.

Relations between Milei and the pope got better after Jorge Bergoglio congratulated the president on winning the election. Milei then invited Pope Francis to visit Argentina, but he hasn’t visited since becoming pope in 2013.

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Last year, Milei criticized the pope for getting involved in politics and for not speaking out against dictators like Fidel Castro from Cuba. However, Pope Francis didn’t pay much attention to these criticisms, saying they were just part of the heated election talk.

Recently, Milei and his supporters attended a Mass to honor Mama Antula, a missionary from the 18th century who fought for human rights when Argentina was a colony of Spain.

Moreover, Like Pope Francis, Mama Antula dedicated her life to helping people who were ignored or mistreated by society.

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Idrees Khan
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