Budapest, 13 September 2023: Hungary Minister of Energy, Csaba Lantos, and Bernard Fontana, CEO of Framatome, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed to enhance the collaboration in the field of nuclear power On September 12.

The MOU marks a pivotal step in strengthening the partnership between Framatome and Hungary, focusing on various aspects of mutual interest in the nuclear sector.

Moreover, these areas include education and skills development, research and development initiatives, the implementation of advanced technologies, the supply of nuclear fuel, as well as extending the operational lifespan of existing nuclear facilities.

Bernard Fontana expressed the current engagement with Hungary in supporting its nuclear and energy plans. He emphasized that this new agreement underscores the trust Hungary places in Framatome knowledge and supply chain, built over the years.

Furthermore, Fontana restated that the MOU reaffirms our commitment to collaborate on diversifying and securing the fuel supply. This is important for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of Hungary’s existing nuclear fleet and preparing for the next generation of nuclear energy.

The primary focus of the initial agreement between Framatome and Hungary in 2021 is on  the training and research and development (R&D).

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Hungary’s Minister for Energy, Csaba Lantos stressed the significance of nuclear power plants, and  highlighted that their absence could compromise energy security, increase external dependence, and hinder progress in climate protection efforts. 

Furthermore, he noted that Hungary is among the major European Union countries committed to supporting and cooperating with other member states in promoting the use of nuclear energy.

Lantos also emphasized the importance of France and Framatome in Hungary’s efforts to enhance cooperation among European Union member states in the realm of nuclear energy. He concluded by stating that this MOU opening a new era of strengthened mutual cooperation and partnership.