Tehran, 13 September 2023 (TDI): Special Representative of Pakistan for Afghanistan Affairs, Ambassador Asif Ali Khan Durrani reached Tehran on Monday for discussions on bilateral relations and regional matters, with a particular focus on Afghanistan’s development.

Ambassador Durrani had a meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Special Representative Ambassador Kazemi Qomi, for comprehensive discussions on various topics.

Moreover, during his two-day visit to Iran, Ambassador Durrani also held meetings with senior Iranian dignitaries, including Foreign Minister Amirabdollahian.

Iranian Foreign Minister and Ambassador of Pakistan discussed the ongoing developments in Afghanistan.

During the meeting, the Iranian Foreign Minister emphasized the influential roles of both Iran and Pakistan in regional developments, particularly in Afghanistan.

He expressed hope that ongoing consultations between the two countries would contribute to the advancement of peace and stability in the region, with a special focus on Afghanistan.

While discussing the Afghanistan situation, Amirabdollahian emphasized the importance of supporting regional initiatives involving neighboring countries to address the challenges that Afghanistan is currently facing.

Ambassador Asif Ali Khan Durrani, in response, expressed his satisfaction with the opportunity to exchange views between the two sides. He also provided his assessment of the political and security developments and the situation in Afghanistan across various domains during the discussion.

He expressed his thoughts that Pakistan is committed to collaborating with Iran in efforts to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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Before this visit, Ambassador Durrani held a meeting with Ambassador David Sproule, Canada’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, in the previous week.

Ambassador Durrani said, “It was a pleasure receiving Ambassador David Sproule, Canada’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, this morning. We explored the possibilities of greater cooperation for regional peace and stability, particularly Afghanistan.”