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German Defense Minister visits Pentagon 


Pentagon, 13 May 2024(TDI): German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius visited the Pentagon for a crucial meeting with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Their discussions centered on reaffirming the strong defense ties between their nations and addressing pressing global issues like the Ukraine War and escalating tensions in the Indo-Pacific region.

According to the State Department, Secretary Austin expressed profound gratitude to Boris Pistorius for Germany’s steadfast support during the Ukraine War. He also praised Germany’s decision to boost its contribution to the NATO alliance budget for the current year.

After the United States, Germany is the second-largest donor in military assistance to Ukraine including the air defense system and artillaries, and it allocated a whooping 7.7 billion for Ukraine in 2024 alone, Lloyd Austin said.

Both leaders negotiated the upcoming NATO summit in July in Washington and the celebration of 75 years of the NATO alliance. They empathetically emphasized the need to deepen defense-industrial cooperation to counter today’s challenges in the World, particularly the soaring tension in the Indo-Pacific region. 


German Defense Minister’s Statement 

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius sought to assure the United States that Berlin is willing to assume more responsibility for security in Europe adding that the US government did not let up on its joint commitment in Europe.

German Defense Minister argued that both countries would work together as friends, allies, and partners to achieve collective goals. Moreover, he said that Germany is looking to alter the previous Defense policy which was under the attack of criticism by multiple presidents of the US due to low military investment. 

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In addition to, he elaborated that two frigates departed to the Indo-Pacific region aimed at increasing tension between China and Taiwan. Deployment of ships would increase Germany’s military presence in the region and ensure secure, safe and free passage on the trade route, he said in the meeting with the United States counterpart Lloyd Austin. 

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