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Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg to visit Turkiye


Ankara, 13 May 2024 (TDI): Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg will visit Turkiye on May 13 and 14. During his stay, he will meet with his Turkish counterpart, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan.

Both ministers will discuss bilateral relations between their countries as well as the ties of the EU with the Republic of Turkiye. The discussion will also cover topics like investments, economic ties, cultural exchange, security cooperation as well as the fight against terrorism and irregular migration.

Foreign Minister Fidan along with his counterpart Minister Schallenberg plans to discuss the relationship between Turkiye and the EU, as well as other regional issues, including the Russian presence in Ukraine and the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Foreign Minister Fidan is expected to highlight measures necessary to halt the violence by Israeli forces in Gaza and reiterate his call for the acknowledgment of the Palestinian state.

The meeting coincides with the commemoration of the centennial of the Friendship Agreement and the 60th anniversary of the Labor Agreement between Turkiye and Austria.

Austria, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic position in Central Europe, plays a significant role in regional affairs. As a long-standing partner of Turkiye, Austria shares a commitment to promoting dialogue, cooperation, and understanding in addressing common challenges.

Relations between Turkiye and Austria

Diplomatic ties between Turkey and Austria commenced 160 years after the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Throughout the Middle Ages, envoys were exchanged for various purposes including declarations of war, peace negotiations, territorial disputes, alliances, royal ceremonies, and condolences.

Austria maintained a permanent diplomatic mission in Istanbul from the mid-16th century; however, Ottoman representation in Austria remained sporadic until the late 1700s. It wasn’t until 1798 that İbrahim Afif Efendi became the first Permanent Ambassador to Vienna.

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The historic sieges of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire in 1529 and 1683 significantly influenced bilateral relations. Over time, the dynamics shifted from conflict to cooperation, culminating in an alliance during the First World War.

Ottoman and Austrian troops fought together on the Galician front during this period. This alliance was further solidified with the signing of the “Friendship Agreement” in 1924 between Turkey and Austria.

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