Tehran, 5 July 2022 (TDI): President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, held a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan on Monday afternoon.

Iranian President emphasized that the promotion of good relations between Iran and Azerbaijan leads to effective regional cooperation.

Iranian President Raisi received his detailed report on the increase in diplomatic exchanges and consultation between the two countries.

The report included the effect of diplomatic exchanges on the expansion of relations and cooperation in various commercial and economic fields. He emphasized the need to create a new momentum in Tehran-Baku relations.

Pointing out that there is no limit to deepening and strengthening relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan, Raisi also emphasized a closer relationship between the people of the two countries.

He added, “Strengthening people to people relations and interactions will strengthen the friendship of the two nations”.

President Raisi also expressed hope that the visit of Azerbaijan’s President to Tehran will result in a leap in relations between the two countries.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister

In this meeting, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister pointed out the significant increase in the diplomatic relations between the two countries officials.

He also pointed out the significant impact of this increase in diplomatic relations on the level of cooperation.

He further stated, “The volume of trade between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan in the past year and also in the first five months of this year, has increased significantly”.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister also presented a detailed report on topics of interest and negotiations between officials of the two countries.

He further noted that “The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan agree that regional issues should be resolved by the countries of the region themselves and without the interference of outsiders”.