Lugano, 5 July 2022 (TDI): Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom (UK), Liz Truss, announced a Package of Support for Ukraine at the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC).

The Foreign Secretary said, “Thank you President Cassis for hosting this conference. The Uk’s package will support Ukraine to emerge stronger in the fight back against Russia’s aggression and defeating Putin”.

Foreign Secretary’s Statement

“Ukraine’s recovery from the Russian war will be a symbol of democracy and power of freedom over autocracy. This would show Putin that his actions to destroy Ukraine have only resulted in producing a united and stronger nation.

The UK is resolute in providing its support to the territorial integrity of Ukraine. We will be on Ukraine’s side as it will emerge as a thriving and strong democracy.

The UK has led support to Ukraine at times of war. We will continue supporting it in the Reconstruction and Development Plan of the Ukrainian government.

Furthermore, we will go for immediate investment to support economic growth. We need to support people who are returning home. We need to help them and give them hope about the future.”

The Secretary asserted that the UK is pleased to join the Reconstruction Coordination Group. Reconstruction must embed transparency, reform, technology, and modernization.

“We will encourage UK businesses for contributing their expertise to help accelerate the economic trajectory of Ukraine. The UK, along with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, will ensure financial assistance,” she stated.

Moreover, Liz Truss thanked President Ignazio Cassis for hosting this conference and said “We have learned a lot from you”. She also announced that the United Kingdom has committed to hosting the next Ukraine Reconstruction Conference in 2023.

In conclusion of her address, she said that the “UK would be championing in Kyiv region’s recovery. President Zelenskyy has requested the UK for support and we will ensure that.”