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Iran and Azerbaijan holding military drills on border regions


Tehran, 3 October 2021 (TDI): In a recent development, the national army of Iran began military exercises near its border with Azerbaijan. At the same time, Azerbaijan began its military training at the same side of the region bordering Iran.  Both Iran and Azerbaijan regularly hold such exercises to project for their operational preparedness. Helicopters, drones, armored, and artillery units will be taking part in the drills to display military capabilities. The military drills are being conducted near Poldasht and Jolfa border crossings with Azerbaijan. The timings and the areas closer to each other’s region are a dangerous escalation of tension.

Tensions have been gradually escalating between the two neighbors ever since the end of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Although the two neighbors have been striving to maintain healthy relations with one another, Iran has had reservations with Azerbaijan over its strong ties with Israel. Azerbaijan has had strong trade and military relations with Israel, which is the main issue with Iran. The Iranian Foreign Minister recently gave a statement and tweeted it as well.

Presently, the relationship has become more strained between the two. In the past few weeks ever since Azerbaijan arrested Iranian drivers for illegally entering their territory. Despite having tense relations, Iranian trucks have been allowed to carry supplies to Armenian-populated fragments of Karabakh via Yerevan. However, with the arrest of drivers, the Iranian Foreign Minister immediately demanded the release of drivers, adding to the tension.


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