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Foreign Minister of Afghanistan met with French Ambassador to Kabul


Kabul: 27 July 2021 (TDI): Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, met with French Ambassador to Kabul David Martinon. The Foreign Minister praised the French Republic’s cooperation and support in the framework of NATO missions, as well as training and providing guidance to Afghan security and defense forces, as well as the recent proclamation of Special Representatives from European countries and the United States to terminate Taliban violent acts and formulate an immediate ceasefire.

 Hanif Atmar is concerned about the escalation of violence, irrational killings, civilian torture, forced marriages, and human rights violations in Taliban-held regions. He urged the international community, including France, to exert pressure on the Taliban to stop attacking and killing civilians. The French ambassador in Kabul raised concerns about the spread of Taliban violence, demanded an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan, and assured the Afghan people that his country would continue to support them. Ambassador David Martinon also discussed the expansion of cultural cooperation and integration between the two nations, as well as the centennial of ancient excavations in Afghanistan by the French Archaeological Mission (DAFA).
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