San Francisco, 28 January 2023 (TDI): The AI lawyer’s first court case ends as there have been a series of objections by different people. Due to the strong opposition of human peers and the risk of going to jail, the developer of the AI lawyer had to abruptly end the plan.

The world’s first AI lawyer trained and developed by “DoNotPay”, a legal services chatbot founded by Joshua Browde, was originally scheduled to appear in court in February 2023 to handle a speeding case.

This announcement comes from DoNotPay CEO, Joshua Browder, the company in charge of the AI lawyer.

Browder told that since announcing his court appearance, he has received numerous fiery letters from multiple state bar associations threatening his firm.

One of the threats even claims that Browder could go to jail for six months. He stated “Even if there is no real jail time, the threat of criminal charges is enough for me to drop it”.

Moreover, the developer said, DoNotPay is being investigated by several state bar associations, including California.

How AI Lawyers will Operate

When the AI ​​lawyer appears in court, the defendant in the speeding case will wear smart glasses. It will then record the court session through the camera.

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The AI ​​lawyer will prompt the defendant how to answer from a speaker. The system relies on a number of AI text generators, including ChatGPT and DaVinci.

Issues Associated with AI Lawyers

US state courts generally do not allow recording audio during live legal proceedings. AI lawyers need to record audio in court and give answers based on the audio.

Thus, for the AI lawyer to work, it technically has to break the law.

Browder said DoNotPay will no longer be used in speeding cases. However, it will focus its efforts on helping people deal with costly medical bills, unwanted subscription content and issues with credit reporting agencies.