Washington DC, 28 January 2023 (TDI): United States (US) Department of State and the European Union (EU) Directorate-General for communication network have signed Administrative Arrangements on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the public good.

The agreement was signed at a virtual meeting held on 27 January in Washington DC and Brussels.

US and EU agree to develop artificial intelligence and computing to address global challenges for the public good in the fields of climate change, natural disasters, healthcare, energy and agriculture.

The agreement builds upon the principle expressed in the declaration for the future of the internet and shared interest and values of using emerging digital technologies to address global challenges.

Both the US and EU will increase collaboration on research, which will help identify and further develop promising Artificial Intelligence research results that have potential benefits for broad societies.

Which Include climate change natural disasters, health, electric grid optimization and agriculture.

AI to enhance Protection and Simulation

Extreme weather and natural disasters such as floods and fires are becoming more common and destructive across the globe. Artificial intelligence will play an active role in protection and simulation, which will help with disaster preparedness and emergency response.

Artificial research and computing also have the potential to greatly improve crop yields, efficiency and sustainability through analysis and modelling of natural conditions such as soil and atmospheric conditions.

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AI is already boosting medical research, diagnosis and treatment and the recent pandemic (Covid 19) has reinforced the need for a truly global approach. It has also highlighted the divide between countries.

Most importantly to reduce this divide, this agreement will also aim to share findings and resources with international partners that share common values but lack relevant capabilities to help them manage such emergencies and challenges.

US administrative official Jack Sullivian said that previously the agreements on the issue had been limited to specific areas such as enhancing privacy. The recent agreement between US and EU will focus on a broader area.