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Europe observes Day of Remembrance


Brussels, 23 August 2021 (TDI): In remembrance of the victims of totalitarian as well as authoritarian regimes on 23rd August, Věra Jourová, the Vice-President for Values and Transparency and Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders have given their statement of solidarity with the victims. In specific, the day observes the sacrifices of victims of the Nazi regime and the Soviet occupation in Europe.

The statement is a token of solidarity and a “tribute to those who fell victim to totalitarian regimes in Europe and those who fought against such regimes.” It is a recognition of the lasting effects on the victims and presents hope for the generations to come in the following words: “Together with the rule of law and democracy, this freedom is at the core of the European Treaties we have all signed. We must continue to stand, united, for these fundamental European values.”

The Europe-wide Day of Remembrance was first observed in 2009 after a resolution to commemorate the victims of all oppressive regimes with “dignity and impartiality” was adopted by the European Parliament. In this vein, Europe will continue to fight remnants of the injustice to the people through initiatives like the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values program.

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