Jakarta, 26 February 2023 (TDI): Members of the European Parliament expressed the European Union’s (EU) strong interest in engaging with Southeast Asian counties, on their visit to Indonesia and Vietnam.

The European Parliament delegation was headed by the chair of the Foreign Affair Committee, David McAllister.

The delegation traveled to Indonesia and Vietnam to restate the EU’s interests in enhancing the EU-ASEAN strategic partnership. The partnership would further enhance bilateral relations with Indonesia and Vietnam.

The members of the European Parliament (MEPs) also discussed the Russian war of aggression. They urged both countries to stand with Ukraine and support the United Nation Charter.

The MEPs stated that forcing the annexation of a neighboring territory is a barbaric act. It should be a matter of great concern for Southeast Asian partners and other world countries.

Indonesia and Vietnam are important members of defense multilateralism and rules-based international order.


In the high-level meetings with the Indonesian Government and the House of Representatives, David McAllister emphasized the need for a steadfast commitment of Indonesia and ASEAN to multilateralism and rules-based world order.

The issue of the South China sea was also brought into the discussion. The EU maintained that international legality should be guaranteed in the South China sea region.

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The Indo-Pacific Region (IPR) as well is of utmost importance for the EU. Stability and peace and freedom to open and secure navigational lines should be preserved at all costs.

The European delegation also discussed the importance of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. The economic agreement will offer a combined market of above 750 million people.

The EU assured Indonesia of its support for energy transition via the Just Energy Transition Partnership signed last November 2022 with international partners worth $20 billion.”


The EU delegation held meetings with Vietnamese authorities in Hanoi. The Foreign Affair Committee of the EU called Vietnam a trusted and reliable partner.

Both parties agreed on strengthening cooperation and partnership in areas of trade, maritime security, cyber security, and crisis management.

The EU agreed upon providing continuous support to Vietnam for its energy transition through Just Energy Transition Partnership signed last December 2022 with international partners worth $15.5 billion.

The European members encouraged and requested Vietnam to take urgent and positive steps within the framework of our human rights cooperation.