Brussels, 24 February 2023 (TDI): Members of the European Council sent a message of solidarity with Ukrainians, on the first anniversary of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.

It has exactly been a year since Russia started a full-fledged war against Ukraine. The Ukrainians have shown marvelous strength in the face of adversity.

They have been defending their homeland with courage and bravery upholding the fundamentals of international law. Their determination to defend democracy and freedom is a valiant display of their resilience and dignity.

Amid the chaos, Ukrainians have shown the world that their future belongs to them. No other country can decide it for them. No country has a right to violate its neighbor’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Aggression, of any level, is a crime against world peace. It negates the United Nations (UN) charter and the principles and morals of humankind.

Members of the EU Council enunciated that Russia has brutally targeted civilians and destroyed cities. It has openly ambushed Ukrainian’s identity.

But Europe is united in its conviction to hold accountable all those who are responsible for committing war crimes and aiding Russia’s war frenzy.

According to the statement, Russia has weaponized food and energy, significantly affecting many counties. Its unilateral measures have gravely impacted the global economy, food, and commodity prices.

Likewise, the Council accused Russia of being at the forefront of spreading false war narratives. The European Union (EU) will work tirelessly to aid and alleviate the suffering of people and countries affected by Russian antagonism.

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The EU and its partners have been united on the Ukrainian cause. They have acted swiftly to stand firmly in support of the Ukraine government and its people. The Ukrainians deserve peace and freedom to decide their own future.

They reiterated that Ukraine is part of the European family. People of Ukraine have expressed their desire to join the EU, therefore it has been granted the status of a candidate country.

Long back, the people of Ukraine had given their verdict for a peaceful country thriving on democratic principles, rule of law, fundamental human rights, and prosperity.

The EU will continue its support to Ukraine, on political, economic, military, financial, and humanitarian grounds. The EU will help Ukraine’s reconstruction with the frozen and immobilized Russian assets in accordance with EU and international laws.

This move will increase collective pressure on Russia to end its belligerence. The EU is all set to adopt the tenth sanctions package against Russia. Stringent actions will be taken against those who attempt to circumvent the EU’s sanctions.

The members of the European Parliament emphasized President Zelenskyy’s peace formula. The members expressed their resolve to bring peace and justice to Ukraine and its territorial integrity and restorative of internationally recognized borders.