Caracas, 26 February 2023 (TDI): The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro welcomed the restart of diplomatic relations with Brazil and declared it the beginning of a new stage of cooperation.

Maduro took to Twitter and stated, “Good news! The way is opened for the restart of diplomatic relations between the Federative Republic of Brazil & the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. I celebrate the new stage of brotherhood between two sister nations.”

Venezuela’s Ambassador-designate to Brazil Manuel Vadell presented his credentials to the Secretary General of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Laura da Rocha on Friday, 24th February.

During the meeting, the officials evaluated the normalization of bilateral relations and the reopening of the respective embassies, according to the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

Notably, the relationship between Brazil and Venezuela deteriorated in 2019 when the Former President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the “interim president” of Venezuela.

Further, in April 2020, Brazil officially closed its Foreign Mission in Venezuela after withdrawing its diplomats and officials from the Embassy and Consulates as part of the hardening of relations with the government of Nicolas Maduro.

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President Bolsonaro also signed a decree banning Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and senior members of his administration from entering Brazil.

Since taking control of the Government in January 2023, President Lula de Silva has resumed a bilateral relationship with Venezuela.

In January 2023, Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira also reiterated that Brazil will recognize Maduro’s government, and reopen its embassy in Caracas.

Easing tension with Colombia

Colombia has also eased relationships with Venezuela that were strained under the previous government of President Ivan Duque Marquez.

In August 2022, Colombia announced it would restore full diplomatic relations with Venezuela, as the countries seek greater collaboration in areas such as trade and security in regions around the border.

In November 2022, Colombian President Petro met with President Maduro, the first meeting since resuming relations. Both leaders reopened their shared border to trade in an effort to facilitate economic relations.