Nanjing, 12 September 2022 (TDI): Ecuador participated in the Global Trade Services Conference (GTSS) in the city of Nanjing, China.

Numerous Ministries of Ecuador including Foreign Affairs, Production, and Finance participated in this conference.

The participation of the South American was to ensure the enhancement of digital commerce and trade in Latin America. The companies and media groups of Ecuador also presented numerous portfolios for trade and investment.

Before the following conference, the Ecuadorian government and its Embassy to China attracted investors for investments. The Forum known as the “Ecuador Open for Business” invited investors and companies from different states including China.

The Ecuadorian Embassy there is already willing to bring investments. Also, the Embassy officials thanked China for international cooperation in sectors of trade and business along with industrial cooperation.

Ecuador at CCPIT

The Forum “China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)” allowed the states from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the African continent along with the other states of the Global South to participate.

Ecuador along with other states from the Global South participated by organizing their spaces in the event of CCPIT. The event happened on 11 September 2022 in China which provided the Ecuadorian companies to generate future opportunities.

Ecuadorian participation in CIFIT

The official of the Ecuadorian Embassy and the business community from Ecuador participated in another business forum in Guangzhou, China.

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The Ecuadorian Ambassador paid visits to all the business forums in China in which the South American country had participated. There were 60 events held regarding sustainable business, trade development, and business cooperation.

Moreover ensured its participation in almost every one of those events. It took interest in enhancing trade with China through bilateral ways as well as multilateral ways in form of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

The two partner countries are no doubt, broad partners in trade. Both sides are already engaged in green industries, energy trade, infrastructural development, and logistics.