Kyiv, 12 September 2022 (TDI): Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is reconnected to a backup power line. The last operating nuclear reactor is now safely shut down.

Power Blackout

The city of Enerhodar is the home of Nuclear Power Plant operators as Zaporzhzhiya Nuclear Power Plant is situated here. Russian Military has been controlling this power plant, but Ukrainian staff still run the operations.

This city was under a power blackout for the past week due to continuous shelling at its thermal power plant. The power lines to the ZNPP were also affected.

Consequently, Ukraine’s only remaining nuclear reactor provided power to Zaporzhzhiya Nuclear Power Plant to ensure critical cooling. In case of its closure, the power plant would have to rely on emergency diesel generators.

While addressing this issue, the Director General of IAEA, Rafael Mariano Grossi said, “I urgently call for the immediate cessation of all shelling in the entire area.

Only this will ensure the safety and security of operating staff and allow the durable restoration of power to Enerhodar and the power plant.”

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Now, the power plant has been reconnected to the grid with a backup power line to ensure the temporary operation of nuclear safety procedures. Thus, the nuclear reactor is shut down to avoid any possible accidents.

Nevertheless, the risk of power cuts is still there. If another power black-out happens, the power plant will have to use diesel generators for cooling purposes.

But to run those generators, only ten days of fuel is available. Hence, it is a serious concern. Moreover, the shelling has destroyed vital power infrastructure.

Peace must be maintained for the safe functioning of the nuclear power plant. The war in Ukraine has severe repercussions. Now is the time to end it for the safety of the entire globe.