Buenos Aires, 19 October 2022 (TDI): Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi visited Argentina.

The purpose of his first official visit was to support Argentina’s nuclear program, bringing cancer care to all in Latin America and establishing a presence in Antarctica to protect oceans.

He visited Ezeiza Atomic Center and appreciated the unique ability and knowledge of the country’s atomic sector. The Director General during his tour reaffirmed IAEA’s support in strengthening international synergies for their peaceful uses of nuclear energy to benefit society.

Argentina’s capacity in radioisotope production for the medical field, food security, and agriculture through the construction of a research reactor was also highlighted.

IAEA and CNEA’s (National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina) collaboration of joint projects on nuclear science, power, and fuel cycle was also celebrated at Dan Beninson Collaborating Center.

Director General IAEA Rafael Grossi also met with Agustin Arbor González, President of Argentina’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN).

Both officials discussed regulatory challenges in the country. They both agreed on the importance and need for a solid regulatory base for new projects in Argentina related to research and nuclear medicine.

IAEA reiterated its effort to support cancer care for all under its “Rays of Hope” initiative. Argentina in this regard is constructing Proton Therapy Center which was visited and appreciated by the director general.

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Director-General IAEA reaffirmed the organization’s support in promoting nuclear science and technology for obtaining peace and development around the world.

Argentina’s Nuclear Program

Argentina has pursued an ambitious nuclear program of technological development. The country does not acquire any nuclear weapons. The nuclear facility and capacity have been enhanced over the years for civilian use.

The country has developed an advanced nuclear industry and research reactor sector for scientific and technological research. IAEA has been appreciating and advancing its support to this plan that would benefit the people of the Latin American region.