Bogota, 3 September 2022 (TDI): The international community has condemned the terrorist attack against police officials in Huila, Colombia. Messages condemning the incident started pouring from different countries including the USA and a number of European states.

Condemnation by the UK and the US

The Ambassador of the UK, George Hodgson stated that terror attacks on Colombia are condemned by the United Kingdom.

He also shared the condolences of the UK for the police officers who died in the attack. He also added that the British government stands in this hard time with all the impacted families and Colombia’s commitment to peace.

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The Embassy of the US in Bogota also released a statement of condemnation. The US Embassy stated that the killing of 8 policemen and terrorism against Colombian police was an act of cowardice. The US Embassy also stated that the people of Colombia deserve peace and stability.

Condolences by Sweden, Germany, and Spain

The Ambassador of Sweden, Helena Storm also repudiated the terror attacks on Huila, Colombia. She added that the attack was an act of brutality and that violence against anyone is never the answer.

The Embassy of Germany also condemned the attack on policemen in Colombia. The German mission added that Germany stands in solidarity with Colombia in this hard time. The Embassy also added that Germany will advocate for Colombia to come out of such violence.

The Spanish Embassy in Colombia also showed solidarity with Colombia. Spanish Ambassador, Joaquin De Aristegui condoled the deaths and expressed solidarity with the affected families.

He added that the Spanish government condemns the attack by the instigators against the police officials of Colombia.

Reaction of the Colombian President following the attack

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro also condemned the attack and expressed solidarity with the families of the victims. According to him, the incident sabotages peace and he has asked authorities to carry out an investigation.

The Colombian media confirmed that the attack was conducted by dissidents of the former rebel group, FARC. FARC is the Spanish acronym for the “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” which fought for years with the government of Colombia.

FARC finally went for the peace process with Colombia raising the hopes of the people of the country and region. A final agreement was signed in 2016, which took place after the continuation of the Havana Process in 2012. Yet some of the groups that had aligned with FARC in past rejected the signing of an agreement and continued their fight against Colombia.