Bogota, 1 September 2022 (TDI): The newly appointed Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Colombia, George Hodgson presented credentials to the Foreign Minister of Colombia, Alvaro Leyva Duran on Thursday.

The Foreign Minister of Colombia showed his devotion to strengthening bilateral cooperation with the UK. Moreover, the two sides also discussed collective action for protecting the environment.

The Ambassador of the UK to Colombia, Hodgson announced his first day of taking the charge of the British Mission in Bogota on 23 August 2022. He also added that he was informed about the already done joint initiatives of both sides.

Public-to-Public Relations

The embassy of the United Kingdom is already engaged in the development of public-to-public relations between Bogota and London.

The official Twitter of the British Embassy in Colombia announced the initiative of student scholarships under the initiative of Chevening. Moreover, the visa process for Colombian students had already been eased.

Another initiative in the shape of cooperation between the sides was also announced by the British Embassy in Bogota under the leadership of Ambassador Hodgson. Furthermore, the government of the UK is supporting the project of the Ministry of Transportation of Colombia.

Additionally, the officials of the British embassy announced that they will provide technical assistance to the Transportation Ministry of Colombia in the project Aerocafe.

It was announced that the Aerocafe project is important regarding environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Moreover, it was also added that assistance to Colombia in such projects may help in the development of better relations between the British and Colombian communities.

Furthermore, Ambassador Hodgson also stated the interests of the UK in strengthening ties with Colombia for achieving shared priorities. He also added that he looks forward to a stronger alliance between Bogota and London.