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Condolences across the globe over the Forest Fires erupted in Turkey.


Ankara: 31 July 2021 (TDI):

Forest Fires erupted in the Republic of Turkey which engulfed almost half of the country. Approximately 17 provinces and 60 areas have been under fire attack. This fire has been in continuation for almost 3 days in Turkey. The wildfires are usually common in summer in the Republic of Turkey but this time the blazes have been exceptional and intensity much higher.

The fires have spread across the Mediterranean resort and Turkey’s southern coast. At least four people have died due to these forest fires and many injured.

Almost every nation currently is standing with Turkey in this hour of grief and expressing condolences, support, and solidarity with the nation.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh expressed regret over the massive wildfire that engulfed parts of forests in Turkey’s Southern provinces and caused extensive damages and killed several Turkish citizens.

The PM of Pakistan Imran Khan also shared that they stand with the govt. and people of Turkey and shared in their sorrow at the tragic loss of life in the wildfire’s incident. He said Pakistan stands ready to offer any help that the Turkish govt. and people may need in this difficult time.

Right now the Turkish citizens need full support and solidarity from their fellow countrymen who can stand with them at this hour of difficulty and fully support and show solidarity to them. Global condolences poured from across the globe with condolences, support, and solidarity with Turkey who is on fire and burning at present.

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