Moscow, 10 February 2022 (TDI): Today, Russia is celebrating Civil Aviation Day. Since 1923, the day is celebrated to commemorate the work of civil aviation workers and the aircraft industry.

It is pertinent to note that the first council of civil aviation was formed on February 9, 1923. This day is celebrated to distinguish the work of many airliners as well. It includes Tu104, IL86, MC21, SSJ, and many more.

Moreover, this day is celebrated to honor all those who are engaged with the aviation industry. Perhaps, civil aviation workers devote their lifetime services for organization and implementation of flights, maintenance of airports along provision of technical and dispatching services.

Furthermore, the day also commemorates the services of software specialists, scientific workers, crews of aircraft, and employees of the Airline. They all work hard to provide comfortable passenger transportation in Russia and abroad.

Russian President Message for Civil Aviation workers

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, extended congratulation to civil aviation workers on their professional holiday. He said that air traffic plays a vital role in developing the economy of Russia. In addition, he emphasized the role of the aviation industry in the development of the economy, infrastructure, interregional and international ties.

Besides, airlines carry passengers and essential freight to various Russian cities and towns. They provide services in northern and Far Eastern areas as well.

Accordingly, the message of Putin stated that the aviation industry is responsible for the stable performance of agencies and enterprises. In addition to that, it facilitates people’s mobility and decent quality of life.

President further noted that he is delighted that the sector is employing skilled specialists who are well informed about their business and love their work. He also thanked workers for their competence, energy, and experience due to which the pace of airport construction and reconstruction is accelerating. For these reasons, the service sector is expanding day by day.

President Putin further stated that he is deeply satisfied with the professional work of aviation workers at the height of the pandemic. Indeed, their professionalism helped to evacuate many stranded Russians.

Lastly, President remarked that he is convinced that civil aviation workers will continue to preserve and build magnificent traditions of their predecessors and provide a worthy contribution towards the sector’s tasks.