Beijing, 28 February 2022 (TDI): According to a statement made by Wang Wenbin, the Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, China will continue to facilitate peace talks. The comments were made pertaining to the Ukraine news and latest developments.

China has always upheld the principle of respecting the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of all countries. Likewise, it is a staunch proponent of the UN Charter.

This is a principle China always follows. At the same time, China also recognizes that the Ukraine issue has a complicated and unique historical context. That is why China understands Russia’s legitimate concerns on security issues.

China has maintained that all countries should discard the Cold War mentality along with adopting a proportional, efficacious, and sustainable European security mechanism through discourse and negotiation.

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Wang Wenbin further enunciated during the regular press conference that China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent. China has called on all stakeholders to wield restraint and stop further escalation of the situation.

On the status of Donetsk and the Lugansk People’s Republics, the Spokesperson expressed that the Ukraine issue has complex historical contours as well as realistic factors. China’s stance is consistent and static.

Regarding the Chinese citizens stuck in Ukraine, Wang Wenbin shared that the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine is working on the information registration of Chinese citizens in Ukraine.

In case of emergency, it will be able to provide all essential assistance to Chinese citizens along with ensuring their safety. China is evaluating all facets of the situation and making suitable arrangements accordingly.

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On the statement of the US President that any nation which countenances Russia’s aggression against Ukraine will be tainted by association, the Chinese Spokesperson stated that the truly discredited countries are those that wantonly meddle in other countries’ internal matters along with waging wars in the name of democracy and human rights.

In response to the question related to the EU imposed sanctions on Russia, Wang Wenbin pointed out that what was the result of sanctions? He underscored that China is no stranger to such actions.

The US has imposed sanctions on Russia more than 100 times, ever since 2011. Facts prove that sanctions are not effective to solve problems.

They only produce severe complications to the economy as well as the people’s livelihood of relevant countries and regions. China hopes that relevant parties will think about it carefully and aspire to solve the issue via dialogue and consultation.

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In response to a question pertaining to Russia’s military presence in Ukraine depicting interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs and Ukraine’s sovereign status, the Spokesperson reiterated that Ukraine is for sure a sovereign country and China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and unchanged.