Torit, 28 February 2022 (TDI): United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is supporting peace dialogues in the Eastern Equatoria of South Sudan.

According to UNMISS, clashes between various communities in the Magwi region, Eastern Equatoria led to the displacement of some 3,000 locals to different places.

The blow occurred last week when disputes erupted between farming communities in Magwi and cattle herders. As a consequence of such escalations, some 3,000 locals abandoned their homes.

UNMISS is trying to engage these communities in productive dialogues for the restoration in the Eastern Equatoria region of South Sudan, Africa. 

UNMISS is involving the local, state, and national actors, including humanitarian organizations and agencies, to support in reducing the ongoing tensions and to bring peace, stability, and calmness.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) instantly responded to the situation by reaching out to local and national authorities. Caroline Waudo, the Head of the UN Peacekeeping mission’s Field Office in Eastern Equatoria, seriously condemned the accident.

“We are very concerned that these attacks might lead to greater conflict across the state” she stated. The Head of the UN Peacekeeping mission also explained the way forward. She stated that engaging them through various dialogues and support from local authorizes is the need of time.

United Nations Mission in South Sudan

United Nations Mission in South Sudan is a UN-supported mission to protect civilians and build durable peace. 20,000 Peacekeeping personnel are working under UNMISS. Almost 73 counties are providing civilian, military, police, and experts for UNMISS. 

Mandate to UNMISS is provided by the United Nations Security Council. UNMISS work for peace and stability falls under four main headings which include:

  1. Protection of Civilians.
  2. Creating conditions conducive to the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
  3. Supporting the implementation of the revitalized agreement and the peace process.
  4. Monitoring and investigating human rights.
Rising Violence       

A few days back on 25 February, UNMISS stepped up patrols following rising violence in the region. In a statement, UNIMSS strongly condemned violent attacks in times when there is a need for humanitarian assistance. 

“UNIMSS strongly condemns the violence at a time when humanitarian needs are rising, and people are already reeling from the worst flooding in decades” the official statement added.

However, the escalations are increasing day by day. Civilization is forced to leave their home, women are exposed to rape and houses for looting. According to UNIMSS, fighting between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition and armed youths is spreading to other villages and states of South Sudan.