Beijing, 20 November 2021 (TDI): The President of the United States (US), Joe Biden said that he is mulling the possibility of diplomatically boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, in Beijing. The statement is the latest development related to US-China tensions triggered by the aggressive stance of the US.

China denounces US politicization of the Sports event

Talking about the US statement in a press conference, Zhao Lijian, the spokesman and Deputy Director of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information Department, said that the US should refrain from politicizing the sports event. Any issues pertaining to Xinjian are the internal matter of China. China will not overlook any kind of foreign interference under any pretext.

Zhao Lijian, the spokesman and Deputy Director of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information Department
Accusatory tactics of the US

He stressed that the US has been erroneously accusing China of committing genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang. Aside from this, the US is habitual of making accusations against China over other subjects as well. However, the time has proven them to be false propaganda disseminated by the US for its own end goals.

Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

Zhao Lijian reiterated that the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is a platform for all winter sports athletes, across the globe. The politicization of such events dishonors the Olympic spirit and undermines the interests of all the participants. The athletes should be in the spotlight with reference to the Winter Olympics, instead of such political news.

China will ensure that under the supervision of the Olympic spirit a modernized, secure, and illustrious Olympic Games are organized for the world. This will promote the wholesome evolution of the international sports cause.

Joe Biden’s Anti-China Agenda

Ever since Joe Biden assumed the role of US President, tensions between US and China are escalating. This is because of his offensive policies against the latter. The recent virtual meeting of Joe Biden with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping does not seem promising in terms of breaking the ice between the two; as the US hasn’t changed its posture.