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Bangladesh and Mexico: 1st Bilateral Mechanism


Dhaka, 19 November 2021 (TDI): Bangladesh and Mexico celebrated the first Bilateral Consult Mechanism, on 16 November. The Mechanism is to promote political dialogue, economic relations, and cooperation between both countries, online.


In the meeting, both countries convened to promote contacts and a better mutual knowledge between the societies. They also convened to strengthen and develop their diplomatic relations.

Both countries will first promote information exchange and customs cooperation. Second both countries want to motivate academic research, train diplomats, and promote cultural and educational exchanges.

Mexico seeks to take cultural manifestations to Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2022. That exposition would include Mexican Cultural Heritage recognized by UNESCO and a painting collection. The two countries identified opportunities for cooperation regarding public policies.

According to the note, those policies are on gender equality, and to promote tourism, among other interests shared by the governments. Both governments congratulated each other on the economic aspect.

The congratulations were due to the memorandum of understanding between the Bangladesh Federation Chambers of Commerce and Industries and the Western Mexican Foreign Trade Council. The memorandum remarked the potential that Bangladesh and Mexican markets offer to businesses.

Currently, Bangladesh is the 15th trade partner of Mexico. On the other side, Mexico was the main destiny for Bangladesh’s exports in the region in 2020. The General Director for Pacific Asia from the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations, Claudia Franco Hijuelos, led the meeting.

The General Director for the Americas from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Bangladesh Toufiq Islam Shatil also led the meeting.

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The accredited Ambassador of Mexico to Bangladesh, Federico Salas Lotfe, and the Ambassador of the Popular Republic of Bangladesh in Mexico, Abida Islam, were present.

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The delegation of Bangladesh requested the North American country to open an embassy in Dhaka or establish a visa facilitation services center. According to the delegation, this would help to expand trade and also to improve face-to-face contacts. Since Mexico does not have representation in Dhaka, the citizens of Bangladesh need to travel to the recurrent embassy.

Another request of Bangladesh to Mexico was to exempt visas from diplomatic passports and official holders. Shatil then stressed the need to carry forward the momentum created during the visit in September.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Shahriar Alam, visited Mexico for the momentum, and to attend to 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence celebrations. The Bangladesh Armed Forces were part of the Independence Parade.

The two countries agreed to create a Joint Working Group, to take advantage of their economic opportunities. Both established diplomatic relations in 1975. Both sides also discussed the potential at regional and multilateral levels.

The delegation affirmed that Mexico agreed to promote military cooperation and also to share its tourism knowledge. The 2nd meeting will be in 2022, the aim is to make it presential.

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