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China urges Philippines to halt provocative actions in South China Sea


Beijing, 1 March 2024 (TDI): China urged the Philippines to halt provocative actions in the South China Sea. The Chinese military issued a stern warning to the Philippines on Thursday, urging them to refrain from affronting behavior, according to a Defense Ministry spokesperson.

Philippines-US exercises in South China Sea

Expressing grave concerns, Zhang Xiaogang, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, denounced the Philippines-United States joint maritime military exercise and air patrol, citing its detrimental impact on regional peace and stability.

Highlighting the delicate balance in the region, Zhang stressed that the United States, as a non-party, should adhere to its commitment to neutrality regarding the sea disputes.

Simultaneously, the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Southern Theater of Operations conducted maritime and aerial exercises. This was done in response to the joint maneuvers, reaffirming China’s resolve to defend its territorial integrity.

Additionally, in response to Philippine’s claims, Zhang dismissed them as baseless and aimed at distorting facts.

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Addressing repeated intrusions by Philippines maritime police vessels near Huangyan Island, Zhang reiterated China’s lawful measures to protect its sovereignty. He emphasized its indisputable rights over the island and its surrounding waters.

Furthermore, China is asserting its commitment to dialogue and consultation. It reiterated its willingness to manage differences peacefully with regional stakeholders.

Underscoring the military’s preparedness, Zhang emphasized China’s resolute stance on safeguarding its territorial sovereignty. Moreover, it aims to secure its maritime interests against any provocation.

China remains steadfast in defending its rights and interests. It pledged to uphold peace and stability in the region through dialogue and cooperation with neighboring countries.

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