Beijing, 31 December 2021 (TDI): During an interview, the State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi responded to a question on the United States and a few other countries’ intents to spread Western values and stoke ideology-driven divisions. He stated that there were some elements that deem themselves superior, hence wanting to impose their will on others.

“We must not compromise or back down. Instead, we must face them head-on.”

Consequently, they use human rights, democracy, and other high-sounding excuses and throw out arbitrary rules, to contain and slander China and other developing countries. In the face of such an onslaught, countries should defend fairness and justice along with doing the right thing for humanity.

Encounter between True and False Multilateralism

Wang Yi enunciated that the first encounter was between true and false multilateralism. Certain countries are building exclusive blocs in action while chanting slogans about multilateralism in rhetoric. They are trying to thrust the world back into Cold War confrontation.

China has responded by pointing out unequivocally that countries need to practice and uphold true multilateralism. Likewise, China emphasized that there is but one international system in the world with the UN at its heart.

Ergo, countries need to firmly uphold the standing and authority of the UN, stand together against zero-sum games, jointly oppose confrontation and division, and make continuous efforts for eminent democracy in international relations. This perspective has been supported and recognized by most countries in the world.

Encounter between True and False Rules

The second was the encounter between true and false rules, stated the Chinese Foreign Minister. He highlighted that a small number of countries talk about a so-called “rules-based order”. However, they deny accepting that rules should be founded on commonly recognized international law.

What they actually want is to impose the “gang rules” by them and their allies on all other countries.

In response to such a belligerent stance, China has articulated repeatedly at the UN as well as other multilateral platforms, that there is one set of rules in the world in which the basic norms of international relations are underpinned by the UN Charter. This emphatic message exposed certain countries’ intent to practice hegemony under the guise of rules.

Encounter between True and False Human Rights

In addition, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the third encounter was between true and false human rights. The US along with a few other countries, in spite of all their own human rights problems, have long desired to manipulate human rights as a tool to intervene with other countries’ internal affairs and attack and besmear China as well as other developing countries with unsubstantiated accusations.

In reaction, China has stepped forward to set the record straight articulating China’s viewpoint on human rights and presenting its achievements in human rights development. Meanwhile, China has firmly pushed back erroneous accusations to expose the hypocrisy of the self-styled “champions of human rights”.

Anti-China motions have been thwarted four times in a row this year at the Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly, with overwhelming support from other countries. About 100 countries communicated their support for China’s rightful stance at the UN and their emphatic opposition to interference in the internal affairs of China under the pretext of human rights.

The US has staged a so-called “Summit for Democracy”, and fabricated the false narrative of “democracy versus authoritarianism”.

Encounter between True and False Democracy

Wang Yi pointed out in the interview that the fourth was the encounter between true and false democracy. China has staunchly maintained the common values of humanity, encouraged inclusive discussions about standards and practices of democracy on bilateral and multilateral occasions, and released a report; “The State of Democracy in the United States.”

The Chinese Foreign Minister underscored that the efforts taken by China have exposed the shortages and self-contradictions of the US democracy. Moreover, the US intention has been widely questioned by the global community.

The so-called “Summit for Democracy” was a slapdash event with no outcome, no future and no consensus. This proves that democracy is a common value of humanity and no country is entitled to lecture others.