“Conflict must end once and for all.”

New York, 31 December 2021 (TDI): At the meeting on December 31, 2008, at 19:00. The Security Council held a New Year’s Eve emergency meeting on the escalating situation in Gaza Strip, and the Secretary-General presided over the meeting.

Secretary-General in the Meeting

The UN Security Council’s request for an end to the violence was unheeded, he said, adding that Gaza’s civilian population, its fabric, the Middle East peace process, and the stability of the region and the world were all being undermined by the disproportionality of ongoing military operation.

Gaza’s 1.5 million residents live in a terrifying environment, while rockets are being launched, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk. In the strongest possible terms, he condemned militants for their rocket and mortar attacks, as well as Israel’s excessive use of force.

All parties must fully uphold international humanitarian law. A ceasefire must create new conditions on the ground to ensure the reopening of border crossings and the resumption of political talks to reunite Gaza with the West Bank.

“He said that despite the crisis, the underlying issue must never be forgotten, there must be an end to the occupation, an end to the conflict and the creation of a Palestinian State. We should not lose sight of the goal of two states living side by side and lasting peace in the Middle East based on relevant Security Council resolutions, the land-for-peace principle and the Madrid terms of reference.”
Permanent Observer for Palestine

The Permanent Observer for Palestine said that the Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza continued for the fifth consecutive day, claiming more than 380 lives, and injuring more than 1,800 people, including women and children.

The Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft and Apache helicopters dropped hundreds of bombs on Gaza, despite appeals by the Council, the Secretary-general and the Quartet.

Despite his constant warnings to the Council, he said the 15-member body had taken no serious measures to prevent the attack, and the Israeli side had publicly refused to stop its military operation.

To do so, the Council must adopt a binding resolution that condemns Israel’s crimes, stops aggression, protects Palestinian citizens, lifts the siege of Gaza, and establishes a ceasefire.

Claim of Israeli Representative

According to the claim of the Israeli representative, the military operation was launched to protect citizens in the south from incessant rocket and mortar fire. He claimed that Hamas and other organizations operating from the Gaza Strip have carried out deliberate attacks against Israeli civilians for many weeks, if not months.

“Israel demonstrated the utmost restraint before launching the operation, but there comes a time when a sovereign, responsible government must take decisive action to protect its citizens and send a clear message to the Hamas terrorists: enough is enough”: Israeli Representative

He also claimed that Israel continued to contribute to humanitarian efforts to Gaza despite the fact that it was under attack. More than 350 trucks loaded with food and medical supplies had entered the territory, she said.

International organizations and state donors continued to send supplies to Gaza. Hamas, however, continued to block humanitarian aid and target crossings.

Stance of Libya’s Representative

According to Libya’s representative, who had requested the emergency meeting on behalf of the Arab Group, Israel had pledged to open the border crossings as part of an Egyptian-sponsored truce reached between the Palestinians and Israelis last June, while the Palestinians had observed the truce, despite at least 190 Israeli violations that killed 25 citizens.

On November 4th, Israeli soldiers entered Gaza in response to Palestinian incitement and killed six Palestinians in the eastern sector. However, the Palestinians had never fired except in response to Israeli violations of the truce.