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China rejects US military report over US strike in Afghanistan


Beijing, 5 November 2021 (TDI): China has criticized the military reports by the United States over US strike in Afghanistan.

US Defense Department shared details about airstrike

American Department of Defense in the military report stated that the strike which killed 10 civilians was an honest mistake but not criminal negligence. The US airstrike in August killed 7 children and 3 adults. The 10 innocent dead persons didn’t pose any threat to the U.S. The US military also released a video in which a child is seen 2 minutes before the strike. This has created a wave of criticism in the United States for not showing responsibility according to human rights.

China criticizes US investigation report

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin in his regular press conference on 4 November 2021 stated that the U.S. investigation is nothing but a ruthless verdict for the 32 million vulnerable Afghans. The Afghan people have suffered inexplicably from the scourge of American war, he added. He asked that if the 10 people which died in Afghanistan due to the U.S airstrike should have died for nothing?

He also put a question mark to the human rights organizations if the human rights and freedom of Afghan people don’t matter to them. Wang declared the U.S. investigation as the double standards, hypocrisy, and arrogance of the United States on human rights subject.

US should respect Afghan human rights

He urged the United States to respect the lives and human rights of the Afghan people. He emphasized that Afghan lives matter. Therefore, the U.S. to give deserving punishment to perpetrators so that justice prevails in the world.

He also noted that over the past 20 years, out of 800,000 deaths in Afghanistan, 335,000 were of civilians. This number is almost equal to 42% of the total death. Wang Wenbin said that the international community is still waiting for accountability in the United States. This is unprecedented in the history of international human rights.

US should not use democracy as a tool

He urged the United States to respect the sovereignty and integrity of other states. The U.S. should not interfere in other states’ matters in the name of defending democracy in the world, he added. The U.S. should respect human rights throughout the world equally.

Wang Wenbin stated that the world waits for accountability over US strike in Afghanistan. It should not hide behind the incompetency but it should hold incompetents responsible for their action which resulted in the death of innocent people.




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