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Qatar denounces assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister


Doha, 16 May 2024 (TDI): The State of Qatar has profoundly denounced the assassination attempt of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on 16th of May, 2024. The ministry also in a statement condemned the assassination attempt as a criminal act.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar has expressed concern regarding the well-being of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico. Moreover, it has also extended wishes for prompt recovery.

In addition, it restates Qatar’s unwavering stance against all forms of violence, terrorism, and criminal activity. This includes political assassinations, irrespective of the causes or intent the perpetrators might have.

Qatar on Thursday morning, stressed the importance of prosecuting those responsible for this assassination attempt The ministry declared that Qatar fully supports the Slovakian government in upholding security and stability.

According to the prime minister’s office, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was hit during an assassination attempt on Wednesday. He sustained fatal wounds after he was struck in his abdomen by a bullet.

The shooting in central Slovakia was traced to a 71-year-old male, according to Slovak media. Robert Fico was hurried to a medical facility in Handlova following the attack, where he was presiding over a government meeting.

Because of his severe condition, he could not be flown to Bratislava. Instead, he was flown by helicopter to the provincial capital, Banska Bystrica, for immediate medical attention.

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Surviving the Assassination Attempt

According to the media reports, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister Tomas Taraba said that Robert Fico’s surgery “went well”. “He’s not in a life-threatening situation at this moment,” he added.

Condemnations have been pouring in from all across the world over the assassination attempt of the Slovak Prime Minister. Political assassinations stand as attempts to undermine democratic ideals and principles of freedom.

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