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Iran denounces Australia’s imposition of sanctions


Tehran, 15 May 2024 (TDI): Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced Australia over imposition of sanctions against specific Iranian officials and state entities on 15th May, 2024. Additionally, Australian administration was called out for its double standards.

Iran said the sanctions demonstrate Australia’s hypocrisy in dealing with the events that have been unfolding in the region. Both Australia and Western allies kept their silence when the Zionist regime attacked the diplomatic premises of Iran.

Meanwhile, by arming Israel they have emboldened it to violate international law and perpetrate war crimes. Consequently, this has resulted in the countless civilian deaths in Gaza and a mass genocide.

Australia and its allies’ selective adherence to international norms has succeeded in enhancing the levels of instability in Middle East.


Iran’s Right to Self Defense

While justifying Iran’s actions against Israel, the ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it acted in consonance with Article 51 of the UN Charter. Meaning whereby, that the article grants all states legitimate exercise of their inherent right to self-defense.

In addition, the ongoing occupation and the brutal genocide of the defenseless Palestinians, and the unwavering backing of the Western allies for the Zionist regime are the primary causes behind the tension in Middle East.

Islamic Republic of Iran’s Foreign Ministry while slamming Australia over its move to impose sanctions termed the coalition “evil” as well. It stated that it reserved the right to retaliate against Australia’s unlawful imposition of sanctions.

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Moreover, The Ministry has urged Australia to change its prejudiced viewpoint and take a more unbiased, helpful approach to regional development.

Conclusively, attention has been drawn by the Ministry that Australia’s complicity with Washington will only perpetuate the cycle of violence in Middle East.

If peace is to prevail in the region eventually, biases must be set aside.

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