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EurAsia Gulf hosts lunch with Embassy of Uzbekistan


Dubai, 16 May 2024 (TDI):  EurAsia Gulf hosted a diplomatic business lunch with the Embassy of Uzbekistan on May 14, 2024, in Dubai, UAE. 

High-profile guests, including Ambassador Abdulaziz Akkulov of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and Counsel General of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Kamol Ikramov, provided valuable insights on the business and investment opportunities in Uzbekistan for the UAE business community.

Ambassador Akkulov underscored the strategic partnership between the UAE and Uzbekistan, inviting UAE residents, businesses, and investors to explore potential collaborations. The Embassy reaffirmed its commitment to supporting and facilitating partnerships for mutual growth.

Academician Ahmed Al-Mansoori expressed his gratitude to the Uzbek delegation and emphasized EurAsia Gulf’s role in bridging gaps and creating opportunities for its members. “EurAsia Gulf is dedicated to fostering strong diplomatic and business connections.

Today’s event exemplifies our commitment to supporting our members in exploring new markets and forging meaningful partnerships. We are thrilled to play a part in enhancing UAE-Uzbekistan relations,” said Al-Mansoori.

EurAsia Gulf Hosted a Lunch with the Embassy of Uzbekistan leading investors and business leaders from both the UAE and Uzbekistan. Henrik Winther, Chairman of EurAsia Gulf, pledged to continue promoting business relations between the two nations.

Nawar Abdul Wahed, CEO of EurAsia Gulf, detailed the organization’s initiatives in 2023 and ongoing efforts to enhance bilateral connections. He highlighted the successful collaborations with the Embassy and Consulate General in hosting events last year and revealed plans for upcoming events this year.

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Abdulla Tashkentov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United Arab Emirates, led the Uzbek delegation. In his opening remarks, Ambassador Tashkentov highlighted the historical ties between the two nations and underscored the importance of strengthening economic and cultural partnerships.

He emphasized Uzbekistan’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for foreign investments and outlined the numerous opportunities available in Uzbekistan’s rapidly growing economy.

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