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China hopes for the restoration of peace in Afghanistan


Beijing, 16 August 2021 (TDI): The Chinese MFA spokesperson Hua Chunying, during a press conference on Monday talked about the stance of China on the current situation of Afghanistan.

During the conference, Hua said that China completely favors the ‘Afghan-led and Afghan-owned principle’ and seeks the restoration of peace in Afghanistan as soon as possible. Hua also mentioned that China respects the choices and wishes of the Afghan people.

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‘Afghanistan has been in a war for the past 40 years, and now the restoration of peace is the major goal of Afghanistan and the international community, said Hua.

Talking about the Taliban’s coming into power, Hua mentioned that China is looking forward to seeing the Taliban fulfilling their commitment of reconstructing Afghanistan and bringing peace in Afghanistan by refraining from all types of terrorism and criminal acts.

She also stressed how important it is for China to practice the non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and practice a friendly policy towards the whole Afghan people.

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‘ China would maintain its good-neighborly, friendliness and cooperation with Afghanistan and will play a constructive role for the reconstruction of Afghanistan’, replied Hua when asked about China’s recognition of the Taliban.

As many states halted the working of their embassies in Afghanistan, for the Chinese embassy in Afghanistan Hua clarified that the embassy is continuing its work in Afghanistan and that the Ambassador and the staff are still present in Afghanistan fulfilling their duties.

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