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Evacuation of Chinese nationals from Afghanistan


Kabul, 29 August 2021 (TDI): Wang Yu, the Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, stated that China has successfully evacuated many Chinese nationals from Afghanistan. Wang Yu informed this in written comments to the Chinese state-affiliated media, CGTN.

Wang told CGTN that the embassy is continuously in contact with the Afghan Taliban. He also mentioned that the Afghan Taliban have assured the security of the Chinese nationals, infrastructure, and interests in Afghanistan. The Taliban have specifically issued letters of guaranteed security to Chinese citizens in need, informed Wang.

During the interview, Wang mentioned that the Embassy has advised the Chinese nationals, who are voluntarily living in Afghanistan, to follow the security measures, to work according to the local rules and customs, and to refrain from visiting weak security areas like the Kabul airport.

Wang reaffirmed the embassy’s support to the Chinese citizens present in Afghanistan and mentioned that the Embassy within its capacity will continuously support and resolve the issues of Chinese nationals present in Afghanistan.

“The embassy would continue to watch the evolution of the situation in Afghanistan, create broad connections with all groups, and promote bilateral friendship between China and Afghanistan”, said Wang during the interview.


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