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China denounces US interference in internal affairs


Beijing, 17 December 2021 (TDI): China has slammed the US interference in its internal affairs.

Chinese Foreign Minister Spokesperson Zhao Lijian in his press conference stated that China firmly opposes the US interference in Chinese internal affairs using the Xinjiang issue. He criticized the bill passed by the US Congress on Xinjiang.

Zhao said that the US is using the so-called human rights to contain China. The false propaganda of the US will never succeed and it will hurt its image and prestige in China.

China rejected the bill passed by the US Congress on Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention

He rejected the bill passed by the US Congress on Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. He highlighted that about 500,000 child farmworkers in the United States. The label of the “Forced Labor” fits the US more than anyone, he added. He stressed that about 240,000 to 325,000 women and children are victims of sexual slavery in the US. He urged the US to address the issue of forced labor at its home rather than interfering in the internal affairs of the other states.

Zhao slammed the US for its worsening human rights situation. He underscored that the US should focus on Native Americans who are deprived of human rights. He also underlined the genocide of the Native Americans by the United States.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson declared the US accusation of genocide in Xinjiang as the “Lie of the Century”. He pointed out that the false propaganda by the US government has become politically correct in the US. The US should investigate the killings of the civilians by the US forces in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, he added.

Zhao stated that the Chinese government is committed to the sustainable development of its people. He said that China will take concrete actions if the US did not step back from its false propaganda.

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