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China condemned the Kabul airport attack


Beijing, 27 August 2021 (TDI): During a press conference on Friday, Chinese MFA spokesperson Zhao Lijian, condemned the recent Kabul airport terror attacks. China condemns the attack and extends its sympathies to the loved ones of the lost, said Zhao.

Yesterday two terror attacks were observed near the Kabul airport which resulted in the death of more than 100 people and left many wounded.

The security conditions in Afghanistan are not up to the mark, said Zhao while referring to the incident. Zhao mentioned that China is shocked by such horrifying acts on the airport and hopes that the concerned parties would take effective efforts to guarantee a peaceful transition along with the security of foreign citizens in Afghanistan.

Zhao also mentioned that China will stand firm with the international community to fight against terrorism and preventing Afghanistan from turning into a haven for the terrorists. He also urged the Taliban to break ties with all forms of extremism and work to eradicate all the terror forces from Afghanistan so that regional peace and security can be assured.

When asked about the Chinese citizens present in Afghanistan, Zhao mentioned that the Chinese government has not received any reports of casualties of Chinese nationals. He also advised the Chinese present in Afghanistan to protect themselves and also urged the authorities to ensure the safety of the Chinese nationals in Afghanistan.

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