Madrid, 30 September 2022 (TDI): Undersecretary of Chile’s Foreign Ministry, Ximena Fuentes paid an official visit to Spain for strengthening cultural ties.

It was added that Chile reached an agreement with Spain concerning audiovisual co-production under Undersecretary Fuentes.

The Chilean Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Fuentes met the Spanish and Latin American producers at Iberseries Platino Industrias.

The meeting of the Chilean Undersecretary with the number of producers reached out for the agreement on audiovisual production. The officials from Chile’s Embassy in Spain and the Chilean Culture and Sports ministry were also there.

Undersecretary meets Raul Zurita

The Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Fuentes had an interaction with leading Spanish poet, Raul Zurita.

The meeting with Raul Zurita included a discussion regarding his newly published book, “Anteparaíso”. The Undersecretary appreciated Raul Zurita and stressed the importance of cultural cooperation between Spain and Chile.

Casa De América organized this meeting. It is a platform that is working on strengthening ties between Spain and the Latin American states.

The Chilean Undersecretary met the Professor of Literature in one of the Spanish universities, Sonia Betancort. The discussion was conducted regarding the book “Anteparaíso”.

Raul Zurita talked about the metaphorical representation of the body that wanders for seeking love and redemption in it.

Chile-Spain Cultural Relations

Chile and Spain attain deep cultural ties with each other. Spanish literature, architecture, and culture have a lot of influence over the Chilean people and traditions.

The two countries share cultural ties through engaging with each other in food, music, literary and educational sectors.

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Both Spain and Chile run more than 25 centers on a joint basis for cultural and social cooperation. The state-level and community-level centers include in the list of these collective cultural platforms.

Chilean and Spanish governments are also joint signatories of numerous agreements. Those agreements are for Scientific cooperation as well as a joint initiative for strengthening bilateral tourism.