San José, 15 September 2022 (TDI): The new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain, Eva Felicia Martìnez Sanchez, presented her credentials to the Foreign Minister of Costa Rica, Arnoldo Andre Tinoco.

The Ambassador assured the Foreign Minister of Costa of strengthening cooperation.

The Embassy of Spain in Costa Rica, in a tweet, thanked the Costa Rican foreign minister for welcoming Spain’s Ambassador, Eva Sanchez.

The Foreign Minister of Costa Rica was also thanked for sustaining good bilateral relations between Madrid and San José.

The new Ambassador of Spain, Eva Sanchez served as the former Secretary of State for the European Union at the Spanish Foreign Ministry. She served as the Counsellor of the Spanish Representation to the EU.

Moreover, she served as a representative of the EU for African Affairs. She also remained the General Director of the Spanish Foreign Ministry for the Maghreb, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean and headed the Diplomatic Information Office in the Spanish ministry of foreign affairs.

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Costa Rica-Spain Relations

Costa Rica and Spain established relations in 1850. In the contemporary era, Spain considers Costa Rica as a potential and loyal partner.

There are extensive relations between the two sides in the fields of sports, tourism, culture, and entrepreneurship. The fact is here that Spain is the second biggest overseas destination for the students of Costa Rica.

The two states are also considerable partners in enhancing the trade between the European Union (EU) and Latin America to promote Trans-Atlantic trade.

The trading profile between Madrid and San José proves this fact. In 2020, the Spanish side exported US$ 231 million worth of ceramics and pesticides to the Costa Rican markets. Similarly, Costa Rica exported US$ 217 million in goods to Spain.

The two states are also diplomatic partners in form of members of the Organization of Ibero-American States. It is an international organization for cultural, scientific, and educational collaboration between the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking states.