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Canadian High Commissioner attends PASHA ICT Awards


Karachi, 22 November 2021 (TDI): On Friday, Canadian High Commissioner Wendy Gilmour, attended the PASHA Information Communication Technology (ICT) Awards in Karachi.

The event was sponsored by Managing Director of Contour Software (CS) Bilal Mahmood, CEO of NDC Technologies Ammara Masood, and Osman Nasir, Managing Director of Pakistan’s Software Export Board (PSEB).

The event took place to celebrate the growing innovative Information Communication Technology (ICT) Industry. It was a tremendous event where all the Pakistani ICT Industry was present. The purpose of this Industry is to grow exports of Pakistan to global actors.

Wendy Gilmour called the event an exciting opportunity.  She has appreciated the potential ICT Industry in Pakistan and believes that such an important industry is playing a vital role in improving the exports of Pakistan to countries like Canada. She has further said that it is strengthening the bilateral relations among different state actors towards Pakistan.

Recently in a digital interaction the Pakistan High Commission to Canada while addressing the Pakistani Candian community announced the exports between Pakistan and Canada have increased by 32 percent. The ICT Industry of Pakistan has been playing a major role in it.

Wendy Gilmour briefed about a Canadian Software company called the Contour Software that has employed almost 1300 Pakistanis. The ICT Industry is not only improving in Pakistan but also helping the exports and bilateral engagements internationally. Such initiatives are creating great employment opportunities in Pakistan. High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan has expressed gratitude over becoming a part of the PASHA Information Communication Technology (ICT) Awards event.

What is PASHA ICT?

PASHA is a trade functional body. It has contributed to many causes of the Information Technology Industry in Pakistan. This is an organization formed to address the great difference among the rural and urban communities.

It is an effort of Pakistan’s Government to provide digital assistance, knowledge, and access to everyone in society. This organization has improved businesses, investment opportunities and is trying to encourage and support all the small and big businesses in the country.


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