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Chinese President addresses China-ASEAN Special Summit


Beijing, 22 November 2021 (TDI): Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the China-ASEAN Summit being held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dialogue relations between the two sides.

He made these remarks today in his video-link address. He stated that China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have worked together to get sum-sum gains since the establishment of bilateral relations 30 years ago. China and the ASEAN have become role models in strengthening diplomatic relations by enhancing cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, he added.

During his address, the Chinese President also announced the establishment of China-ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership. He said that this partnership will help to improve the peace, stability, prosperity, and development of the region.

China-ASEAN is win-win Cooperation for both sides

Xi in his speech emphasized the bilateral relations of China and ASEAN. He said that ASEAN is a valuable Chinese friend. Their relations are based on win-win cooperation, he added. He stated that the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will help to further strengthen the relations between the two sides.

In 1991, the two sides formed dialogue relations. Since the establishment of ties, the trade between the two sides increased by 85 times. ASEAN became the largest trading partner of China in the world in 2020. While China has been also the largest trading partner of the ASEAN for continuously 12 years since 2009.

He also emphasized that China is ready for $1.5 billion of development assistance to the ASEAN states to support them in the pandemic recovery in the next three years. The assistance will help them in their fight against COVID-19 and economic recovery

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that China will include ASEAN in its priority of neighborhood diplomacy. He said that China will always be a good neighbor and a friend of ASEAN.

China has been consistently assisting the ASEAN countries in the pandemic, he added. China also provided over 300 million doses of vaccine and other medical supplies to the ASEAN countries in the anti-pandemic fight. It also sent its medical experts to the ASEAN countries for building labs and for the trial of the vaccines.

Chinese President made 5 proposals for China-ASEAN future relations

Chinese President put forward 5 proposals for boosting the future relations between the two sides. He cleared the misperception of Chinese dominance in the region by stating that China does not want hegemony as it just wants to build a shared global community based on shared values with a shared future. Therefore, it wants to build a closer China-ASEAN community that can grow together.

Xi emphasized that China firmly supports the ASEAN’s mission to make a nuclear-weapon-free zone Therefore, it is ready to sign the Protocol to the Treaty on the Southeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone.

He also pointed out the importance of the South China Sea for maintaining the peace and stability of the region. He urged the two sides to increase their cooperation for the stability of the region by making the South China Sea a sea of peace.

China to assist ASEAN in Covid19

Chinese President also shared his vision to make a “health shield” for the region by working with the ASEAN. It will help to win the fight against the pandemic, he added. He stated that under the “health shield” initiative, China will additionally donate 150 million more doses of vaccine to the ASEAN countries. China will also provide $5 million to the COVID-19 ASEAN Response Fund.

China will try to assist the ASEAN countries in their economic recovery by every means possible, he added. Hence, China will buy agricultural products from the ASEAN of $150 billion in the next three years. It will also provide 1,000 items of advanced and applicable technology to the ASEAN states.

Chinese President ended his address by saying that the future of humanity depends upon the cooperation between states. Therefore, China is trying to build a global community based on interdependence which will help the world mutually to grow. He stressed to make an amicable home together.




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