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British Foreign Secretary meets Bulgarian officials in Sofia


Sofia, 15 February 2024 (TDI): British Foreign Secretary David Cameron reaffirmed the United Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to Bulgaria’s security as a close partner and NATO ally during his meeting with Bulgarian officials in Sofia.

In a press briefing with reporters, Cameron emphasized the crucial importance of standing by Ukraine in its ongoing struggle against Russian aggression. He asserted that the support for Ukraine is not only vital for European security but for global stability.

After his talks with the Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel, he said, “Putin thinks that he can outweigh us and outlast us, but we are going to prove him wrong.” 

Cameron’s visit to Bulgaria underscores UK’s dedication to bolstering resilience against Russian malign activity, ranging from disinformation campaigns to ensuring energy security.

Furthermore, during his visit to Bulgaria Cameron will also oversee efforts to tackle illegal migration in Bulgaria.

He plans to visit Border Force officials in Sofia to understand firsthand how the UK and Bulgaria collaborate in thwarting illegal crossings in the Channel by stopping small boats and other equipment.

He also asked members of the U.S. Congress to give more help to Ukraine. He mentioned that Britain and the European Union have already promised support for the next year. 

In addition, he added, “If you add up all the countries helping Ukraine, we’re economically much stronger than Russia, 25 times stronger. He says “We just need to use that economic power, and I hope that happens soon in Washington.”

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According to the information from British government, about half of the people using the Balkans to migrate to Europe pass through Bulgaria. Bulgaria has become the primary route for transporting equipment used for small boat crossings in the Channel.

After Bulgaria, Cameron is scheduled to visit Poland before heading to the Munich Security Conference. In Munich, he’ll ask allies to increase defense production for Ukraine.


Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan
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