Manama, 5 September 2022 (TDI): The diplomats of Bahrain and Brazil held the fourth round of political consultations to improve bilateral relations.

The consultation was held between the Brazilian Foreign Ministry’s Secretary for the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, Kenneth Felix Nobrega, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa represented Bahrain.

Highlights from the political consultation

During the fourth round of this political consultation, both sides discussed security. Brazil and Bahrain also showed a willingness to expand cooperation for peace on bilateral level.

Additionally, Manama and Brasilia hailed the increasing relations between the two countries on a bilateral level. Both sides also showed a willingness to be reliable international partners.

Moreover, the two sides agreed on developing relations to enhance strategic cooperation. The two countries also reviewed previously signed memorandums. Additionally, the officials on both sides also signed new memorandums to advance cooperation in varying fields.

Formation of Brazil-Bahrain Parliamentary Group

In the meeting between officials of Bahrain and Brazil, there was also an agreement to strengthen parliamentary cooperation through a Parliamentary Group. The Ambassador of Bahrain to Brazil, Bader Abbas Al Hualibi welcomed the Brazilian government for approving the formation.

In the respective meeting between officials of foreign offices, the decision of formation was approved to form the Parliamentary Group.

Brazil and Bahrain’s bilateral ties

The relations between the two countries were once limited. However, there have been numerous exchanges and diplomatic visits held by the two sides to improve diplomatic and bilateral ties.

Brazil and Bahrain have agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation. In the meeting between the Prime Minister of Bahrain and the President of Brazil in May 2022 had a special focus on strategic aspects.