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Australia-France 2+2 Ministerial Consultations


Taipei, 2 September 2021 (TDI): The French and Australian foreign and defense ministers held the inaugural Australia-France 2+2 Ministerial Consultations on Monday, August 30. The two ministers released a joint statement reviewing their strategic partnership aimed at promoting an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region and a rules-based international order. It stressed the importance of peace in the Taiwan strait.

The consultations draw on regular political cooperation among senior and public officials; defense cooperation; Indian and Pacific ocean peace cooperation, intelligence cooperation, economic partnership, dialogue on energy, transport, education, technology, science, climate, environment, natural resources, and crisis management.

As listed under the joint statement of enhanced strategic partnershipthe ministers share values, interests, and principles that underpin the bilateral relationship. Therefore, making it the mainstream consensus amongst the U.S, Japan, Australia, and other nations, they also highlighted the developments in the region.


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