Washington DC, 9 December 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States (US) Masood Khan participated in a special discussion in Washington DC, on Thursday.

The discussion was organized by a leading peace and security think tank of the US, the Stimson Centre.

The topic of discussion was “The Road Ahead: US, Pakistan Relations and Regional Dynamics in 2023.” It was patronized by Elizabeth Threlkeld, the Director of the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center.

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Remarks by Masood Khan

While addressing the regional ties between Pakistan and US, Masood Khan stated, “Pakistan & US would continue to advance their shared agenda as long-standing strategic allies. This is the only way to combat terrorism.”

“We will expand our partnerships in the economic realm, and promote trade, investment, and business. The political climate is ripe for that kind of cooperation in 2023.” He continued.

Talking about the security concerns, the Envoy added, “Resurgence of ISIS and terrorist attacks by TTP against Pakistan require strong security cooperation between Pakistan and the US.”

He expressed the wish that every country would employ strategic pragmatism to address issues to foster shared prosperity. Today’s bloc politics endanger the peace of the world.

Masood Khan highlighted the relations of Pakistan with the US & China. Along these lines, he stressed, “Pakistan applauds the statesmanship demonstrated by the US and China to engage each other whenever tension arose.”

“Economic co-dependency between both countries seems to be the norm. Pakistan would not like to choose between the two countries but be a bridge.” The Ambassador reaffirmed.

In the conversation, Masood Khan also emphasized Pakistan’s current economic growth and consider it a solid foundation for US & Pakistan relations.

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In this vein, he expressed, “We anticipate an early ministerial meeting of the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement. It will increase collaboration in the health sector.”

The Ambassador concluded the discussion by reiterating the importance of Pakistan’s relationship with the US. He said that both countries need to widen their bandwidth in order to give their relationship the proper rhythm.