Washington DC, 8 December 2022 (TDI): Pakistan Embassy in the United States (US) organized a program in cooperation with US Embassy Adoption Program (EAP).

The program took place at the Janney Elementary School in Washington DC, on Thursday. The purpose of the program was to promote the landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and exotic cuisine of Pakistan in the school.

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The activity was part of the “Embassy Adoption Program”, which the Embassy signed with public schools in Washington DC. The program was patronized by Pakistan’s Press Secretary in Washington DC, Maliha Zargham.

On the arrival of the Press Secretary, children welcomed her with a poster that had the flag of Pakistan and Washington along with the official logo of Janney school.

At the beginning of the presentation, Press Secretary Maliha interacted with students and asked them how well they know Pakistan. She introduced them to the beautiful cuisine, culture, and landscape of Pakistan.

The students learned about the unique truck art of Pakistan. The press secretary discussed the cultural heritage of Pakistan and gave students information about the diverse cultures of each province of the country.

The Press Secretary distributed display cards representing an image of Islamic Republic of Pakistan representative passports along with Pakistan’s map outline. She asked students to write their experiences of visiting Pakistan virtually.

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About Embassy Adoption Program

The Embassy Adoption Program (EAP) was established in 1974. It is a partnership program between the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and Washington Performing Arts.

EAP is an educational program that exposes DCPS students to international perspectives and cross-cultural lessons. The focus of the program is fifth and sixth-grade students of DC Public Schools.

Students are provided with a chance to enhance their global outlook through direct interaction with Embassies, Counselor Offices, and international entities.

Notably, the EAP has connected DCPS classrooms with over 100 embassies and other diplomatic entities.

The program has received various accolades including the US Department of Education Award for Outstanding International Education Program.