Washington DC, 6 December 2022 (TDI): Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States (US), Masood Khan addressed an event in Washington on Monday.

During the event, he highlighted that Pakistan’s demographic cohorts are tailor-made for an emerging economy. In this vein, the Ambassador added, “It is a young country, with abundant labor and a growing professional class.


There are 184 million cellular phone users and 110 broadband subscribers in the country. Hundreds of thousands of students graduates from Pakistani universities ready to enter the national and global markets.”

Masood Khan reiterated, “When Pakistan would complete its 100 years in 2047, the World Bank in its report Pakistan@100 foresees it as an innovation-driven country. It is comprised of multiple trades and investment hubs and centers of excellence.”

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“Pakistan has the 23rd largest economy on the basis of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and 42nd in terms of nominal GDP. Pakistan’s economy is growing fast despite facing the current difficulties.” The Envoy continued.

Ambassador Khan noted that innovative and new business ecosystems were being opened in Pakistan. The US, Canada, Europe, the Gulf States, China, and South Korea are all making investments in Pakistan.

Highlighting the growing business market, Khan added, “The tech sector, though nascent at this stage, is witnessing exponential growth. It has the potential to become an alternative startup hub in the neighborhood.”

He stressed the various efforts Pakistan is making for the cause of climate change and the collective responsibility to save the planet from annihilation.

Along these lines, the Envoy reiterated, “It was under Pakistan’s leadership that COP27 agreed to the principle of ‘loss and damage’. Pakistan has work cut out to build a weather-resistant, climate-resilient infrastructure.”

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Masood Khan concluded the address by appreciating the efforts of the US administration in assistance of $97 million for the relief and recovery phase. He applauded American citizens who have donated $ 27 million for flood relief efforts.