Ambassador of Sweden to Somalia talks about mental health

Sweden Ambassador to Somalia, Per Lindgärde

Somalia, 19 October 2021 (TDI): WHO Somalia shares a video message in which Sweden Ambassador in Somalia, Per Lindgärde talks about mental health. WHO Somalia shared this message on the official Twitter account today.

Ambassador Per Lindgärde said mental health is not only a health crisis. It is also a security issue, protection issue, gender issue, and especially a human rights issue.

He added that on the account of World Mental Health Day, i.e. 10 October 2021, Sweden recognizes the health issues of Somalia. Sweden has provided support for the development of the country for many years.

Sweden Ambassador said that their support of the government goes through the United Nations system. This includes the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international partners. It further goes to various other departments like peace and security. Sweden helps Somalia in state-building, peace and security, unemployment, climate changes, and other humanitarian crises.

He further added there is a high rate of mental illness in Somalia and the reason is insecurity, trauma, and a high level of unemployment. He urged the international community to support in fighting these mental health issues.


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